India’s App Development Market 2020

According to Hyperlink ecosystem, Business and app publishers from different countries are utilizing app developers in India to save the development cost.

On an average, US App developers are quite expensive than Indian developers for various reasons.  Most US Entrepreneurs, SME’s prefer Indian mobile app market to develop their app. Businesses from New Zealand, Europe, Australia are also focusing India to reap their app development cost.
According to Google VP of Product Management Caesar Sengupta, Due to cost difference in app development, developer’s demand proliferates in India. By 2018 India will reach 4 million app developers and will be having the largest developers in the world.
The Smartphone giants Google and Apple utilize the Indian developers community in building apps for domestic consumers. They are in the process of establishing hubs, developer community, forums and training centers. Google has launched android training skill program in India at 2016, their aim is to train 2 Million android app developers, according to Bloomberg.  In the same year, Apple has announced to start an iOS app design and development accelerator in Bengaluru to support local developers.
App developer market is going to be a high competitive field in the upcoming years. They have to provide quality outputs with latest trends to showcase their skillsets.  Overall App revenue will double by 2020.
If you are in app development sector you should develop a strategy for the future in how you are going to differ from competitors. For SME’s, Entrepreneurs, India is one of the best markets that provide quality developers.
W2S Solutions is one of the leading Mobile Apps development company in India and please feel free to reach us for your development needs.

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