Problems facing byApp development Industry

According to the Gartner predicts that in 2021 the demand of app development will be five times higher than the IT’s capacity to deliver. The surprising information from his statement is the chances of failing apps within six month out of every three B2E apps are expected.

So to find out the challenges facing in IT industries, OutSytems conducts a research in global level around 3,200 respondents from 40 different countries from 28 industry segments.

The first and foremost in this research finding is backlogs, almost (62 percent) of the IT professional having backlogs of mobile app project.

The second major issue they have found is skill gap. Hiring highly skilled developers is challenging and expensive too.  From the report, the requirement for the mobile app development is soaring, around 88 percentage of respondents said. Meantime 37 organizations say’s that they have the shortage of developers and the (44 percent) said they have the gap of skilled developers to undertake the mobile app projects.

Development time is another big challenge facing by the IT Professional, although(76 percent) of the IT professional says, three months is the minimum time period to develop an app but for (11 Percentage) of respondents, time requirement sometime stretch to one year. From this it is very clear none of the client will happy with the stretching of development time. This will reflect as dissatisfaction and it lead client to withdraw from the project or handover the project to some other IT Professionals, with around (44 Percent) of the respondents saying they are not happy the velocity of the team what they have.

Managers in IT Profession are facing number of challenges With the Onslaught of competitive and the priority of work following by the developer shortage, time skill gap.

From the OutSystems research report it is sure that the requirements of app development will never dwindling. Organizations are striveto identify the new methods for app development. In fact 43 respondents say’s they are using the low code development platform in their IT strategy. It gives significant improvement in performance and the time to take develop.  The growth of leveraging the Low code app development platform proliferates and it helps third parties to less relay to deliver.

If you are an android app developer future going to be an golden time for you, The demand is there, you need to focus on how to meet it and how to acquire the project.


The demand for the mobile app development and the IOT are soaring and the shortage of developers is the top concern. Low code app development platform helps the IT’s to bridge the gap between resource, skills, agility gap and IT department able to meet the demand of the business and the end customer.


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