Let’s Develop a Taxi App

Recent decade’s mobile apps usage and development becomes one of the emerging sectors around the world. But a company revolutionized the taxi booking by developing an app called UBER.

UBER was launched in 2009, from the day itself, it stands on its own advantages numerous taxi operators were joined in UBER. Few companies have tried to develop taxi app like UBER but they failed.

Before dig into the development process, you should decide in which platform you going to develop Android, iOS or Hybrid.

Each has its unique advantages, but developing an app in Cross platform will help to minimize the development cost and also complete the app in short span. So it is better to hire cross platform app Development Company.

If you want to develop an app like UBER here are the few tips for you. There are three types of taxi apps

  • Passenger App
  • Driver App, and the
  • Admin Panel


Here is the approximate app development time and Cost.

Time: 2000 – 2500 hrs

Duration: 15 – 20 weeks

Team Size:   8 – 10 developers

Cost: Ranging from $75k – $200k

If you have time and money constraint better hire a professional app development company.

W2S Solutions is the one of the leading mobile application Development Company in India.  We have been developing an app since 2010; we have clients across the world. We support our clients at 24/7.

Source: A complete cost break-up of uber-like taxi app development



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