Android App codes are stealing in App market

British cybersecurity firm Codified Security has published a report; it shows that 40 percent of android app’s are leaving sensitive backdoor’s exposed. This could lead to stolen customers’ information and it gives access to the developer’s server and system.

This report clearly shows that small mistake, but it leads to big issues, most of the developers used to left over the code before publishing app. So make sure that you should delete all the code from the server and the system before publishing it. As an android developer, you should simply crack your app to check whether backdoor is applied to you or not.

Leftover code only identified in three percent of tested apps, but still it gives the backdoor to access all sorts of information. By cracking the binary code of target app testers simply looked for references to services like AWS, Google Cloud and other platforms. With the help of java string reference they got the credentials. This revealed customer information, access to server and give glimpse of all data.

Here we have covered the leaks of android it doesn’t mean that it was not happening in other devices, this is just a lesson for android app developers so if you are a developer you should be very cautious.

Source: Bad news, Android devs: 40 percent of apps in the market are leaving sensitive backdoors exposed




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