Things you should consider when choosing a cloud service provider?

Cloud computing helps business to develop their app, test and store it to use faster with less capital, maintenance and improve manageability. But identify opt cloud service provider for your business is not that much easy. There are plethoras of service providers are in the market and focusing on multiple segments of cloud computing market. These include Information as a service (IaaS), Disaster Recovery (DR) and hyper scale public clouds that offer off site backup solutions.


Nowadays, most of the businesses are using cloud computing services, but when it comes to the app Development Company it is very imperative to analyze the whole market before to choose one. As a mobile app development company or an android app development company or an iOS app development comapny, our major focus is on all of the service (STaaS), (BaaS), (RaaS), (DRaaS).

According the study report of ESG the cloud usage for data protection and availability proliferate from 7 to 23% over the last year. From the research, average expecting time to create copy of data and store it in the cloud was 2hours. Customers want their all data should be create a copy and store at very frequent as much as possible.

Below are the key features you should consider when choosing the cloud service provider.


The experience of the service provider plays the important role while choosing a cloud service provider. It doesn’t mean that the newer service providers are not able to give all types of service. In most of the cases experience is essential. An Important note is service provider should be able to provide the copy (refer 3-2-1 backup rule) at the time of crisis.


The service provider should be competent and able to offer insight to business continuity and DR services. Selecting a service provider like selecting an employee to your company because they should have the ability to teach and guide the employees of your company. So they should have the sound knowledge in your business.

Type of offering:

There are wide types of offerings providing by the cloud service provider.

  • Storage as a Service(STaaS),
  • Backup as a Service(BaaS),
  • Replication as a Service(RaaS)
  • Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

It is rare to identify a service provider those offering all type of services.

Down time Tolerance

From the research report of ESG survey, 75% of the respondents are expecting the downtime tolerance should be less than 1hour with the average of 49minutes. So they should be capable of providing the service continues without much delay at the time of any disaster.


Here we have discussed about the services are offering by the cloud service provider. Meantime the price also plays major role, so you should select the one who meets your business requirement with expected capital.

Source: How to choose a trusted cloud service provider


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