Nearly 200,000 iPhone apps could become outdated from App Store

According to a new survey from the Apple app more than 200, 000 apps are outdated due to the fact of Operating System support. iPhone App developers have been inform that their older version 32-bit apps will no longer be portable with the upcoming version of iOS, as Apple moves in Choice of 64-bit operating system. The first beta version of iOS . it will not support for the 32- bit application and it will not work with upcoming versions of iOS.

Apple is working to purge its nothing but platform of apple apps,recently some apps not supported by the apple because of purge platform was broken.Google removes iOS support in Google Play Games Services due to low usage,games comprises the largest section of potentially updated apps, with more than 39,000 games are blocked by the google play for example Flappy bird, Great lightsaber Which help to get iPhone gaming on the App Store.

iPhone app update

The new 64-bit operating system were first introduced by Cupertino with the iPhone 5s, but the organization only started demanding 64-bit support from developers.iPhone app developers are getting confusion to solve this issue and it wouldn’t be the first time Apple has undertaken an app destroy, last year 16% of apps hadn’t been updated in more than three years, now iOS developers are done a big annual update to the operating system like a very convenient.

Nowadays, people are supporting an iPhone app development service, which is really helpful to the real life and also Best New Features are Available in the iPhone. Compared to the other app development iOS support of the business, healthcare, industry and so on.


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