Mobile App vs Mobile Website – Which one is best for Your Business

Today the mobile users are getting increased compared to the desktop users. The Business firms also plan to use mobile app for new customers. They compare the difference between mobile app vs mobile website.

In 2016 Google introduces the concepts of mobile first index, which means google gives equal response to a mobile website and get indexed all pages easily without any complication. Mobile website is separated by ( and mobile website is performed frequently as it’s same as desktop website.

Normally the business have lot of sections both mobile app and mobile website ,they analyse which one is best based on the their cost, usability, required features and how they serve to the audience these all done by the Business entrepreneur.

Let’s Compare Various reasons between mobile app vs mobile website

Mobile Apps customization

Mobile app users can communicate at any time as well as the mobile apps are easy to customize compared to the mobile website.In mobile app usage we also identify the GPS location of the user in real time.

Mobile Website Customization

It takes a long time based on the website pages and depends on the customer needs. Normally a Small Business sector to prefer Mobile website.

Mobile app Notifications

Another best feature in mobile app we get notification symbol ,it’s very easy to respond as soon as possible compared to the mobile website.

Mobile website Notification
In Mobile website we go for the add-on option which is used to make the notification however the data will receive from our mobile website.
Mobile Phone Features
Mobile app has some common feature that is used to help in the business for example, mobile have camera, GPS access, calling process, contact list it’s all possible by the mobile app development.
Mobile Website Features
Mobile Web introduces Mobile first index it’s really useful to mobile website and SEO people. less page website easy to read the content.
Offline Support
Most of business mobile app can support by offline, without internet connection we can review the information.
Offline Support
Sometime the last indexed content can’t be change it’s useful to read the information.
Times on Apps
According to the survey result the people are spending equal times in mobile app and  mobile website.
Times on Website
Mobile Website are Depending upon the speed and content delivery may be changed.
Mobile App Design

A Mobile App Development based on the swipe,drag,hold and more. Mobile app development we can use new technology and easy to design compared to the mobile website.Development cost is medium for mobile app development.

Mobile Website Design

Design is one of the most things in mobile. Mobile website design and speed is fully depends on the browser we can’t change the speed and loading time of any mobile website. Development cost can be high based on the website pages.

Mobile App Performance
Mobile app performance was good. Based on the Enterprise app it will perform.

Mobile Website Performance
Mobile website is responsive one, easily load multiple pages based on the user request. One of the important thing in mobile website bandwidth depends upon the bandwidth website performance can change.


Both Mobile app and Mobile website are good the Business people also interested in both designs.According to  the recent research the number of mobile phone user get increased.So, the both mobile app and mobile Website are Important for your business. What is real fact,  people are don’t know which is best mobile app development company. Once you find a good company for your business means, then easy to develop your mobile app and mobile website successfully.


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